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GPRS SMS Printer

/Standalone Bus Ticketing Machine for Bus, Train Transportation, Ticket Booking

Standalone Bus Ticketing Machine for Bus, Train Transportation, Ticket Booking

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Goodcom Bus Ticketing Machine GT5000S works with gsm sim card, it supports SMS and GPRS connectivity, no need to connect with PC via cable, it's a wireless and standalone device communicating with the web server remotely for data transfer. It brings convenience for bus, train and any other transportation management. Bus Conductors can use it for ticketing selling, payment collecting, and record saving, etc.. 

How does the Ticketing Machine Work?

GPRS/SMS mode:

It connects with the web server for data transfer. The work flow(device menu) could be customized based on different requirement. 

(GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz )
Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Mexican, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Azerbaijani, Slovak, Polish, French,English, Chinese
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Remotely or through tools installed on the PC
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Timely assistance and trace tool provided to trace logs
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1 year warranty & lifelong pay-for-repair services

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