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Mini Bluetooth Printer

/Free APP and SDK 3 Inch 80mm Bluetooth Thermal Printer

Free APP and SDK 3 Inch 80mm Bluetooth Thermal Printer

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Free APP and SDK 3 Inch 80mm Bluetooth Thermal Printer

Key Features

--New Arrival 80mm thermal paper bluetooth printer

--Support the devices of android/ios/windows

--Free SDK & APP

--1D barcode & 2D QR code

--Support printing PDF,TXT,JPG,etc

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Goodcom Mini Bluetooth Thermal Printer for Android and iOS

Mini Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer for Android and iOS Smart Phone, Laptop, Pad

Goodcom Mini Bluetooth Printer MTP58BN is a small thermal receipt printer for working with android and iOS smart phone, tablet, laptop, pc, etc. It supports Bluetooth, USB, and Serial interfaces.  Key Features: 1> support both android & ios; 2> mini portable size, easy carrying; 3> 58mm paper size 4> up to 80mm/s for printing speed; 5> work with smart phone for various applications Free Android App provided for printing text, bmp, pdf, web page, etc.

Goodcom Mini Android Bluetooth Printer

Mini Android Bluetooth Printer Pocket Thermal Printer Text, PDF, BMP Printer

Goodcom Mini Android Bluetooth Printer MTP58BN is the latest design for both android and ios main devices. It supports working with android and ios mobile phone, laptop, and tablet via bluetooth connection. Free SDK and App will be provided for android smart devices. The app enables printing text, pdf, and bmp files, and it also supports printing web pages. The Mini Android Bluetooth Printer could be widely used for taxi, bus, mobile payment,etc., any ticketing solutions. 

Goodcom Airtime Voucher Vending and Printing Machine

GT6000SW Mobile Airtime Recharge Voucher Vending Printing Machine

Goodcom WiFi GPRS SMS Printer GT6000SW is a handheld voucher printing machine for multiple applications. It can be used for airtime vending, mobile recharge, USSD top up, airtime print, etc.

GOODCOM Handheld Parking Ticket Machine

Handheld Parking Ticket Printing Machine Payment Receipt Printer GPRS SMS

Goodcom Handheld PARKING TICKET PRINTING MACHINE GT6000S can be used for car parking, street parking, parking payment receipt printing, etc.

gsm sms printer for restaurant ordering

SMS GPRS Printer for Restaurant's Management of Online Food Orders

The SMS Printer is a wireless, standalone device for receiving and printing online orders for restaurants.  Work with a GSM sim, it take orders from online platform via SMS or GPRS mode.  For SMS, orders will be sent to the printer via gsm sms  For GPRS, the printer can either communicate with the web server directly to take orders; or it uses GPRS to take email orders How does the SMS Printer work? 1. It receives SMS orders directly sending from customer's phones. 2. Orders sent from web server should be generated into SMS and sent to the printer. How does it work via GPRS mode? It needs configuration to the web server based on the http/https protocol provided. Then it requires setting server ip, port, filepath, callback url to the printer. The printer will query the server regularly to take new orders, and it allows user sending order confirmation to the server. How it takes online food orders via email? Given with an email account, the printer will take and print emails via POP3 Protocol. The orders should be transmitted into emails and sent to the printer. It requires setting email ID, password, POP3 IP & port number to the printer.  Both non-ssl and ssl account should be supported! N.B.: it only prints text/plain emails. 

Goodcom Bus Ticketing Machine GPRS

Standalone Bus Ticketing Machine for Bus, Train Transportation, Ticket Booking

Goodcom Bus Ticketing Machine GT5000S works with gsm sim card, it supports SMS and GPRS connectivity, no need to connect with PC via cable, it's a wireless and standalone device communicating with the web server remotely for data transfer. It brings convenience for bus, train and any other transportation management. Bus Conductors can use it for ticketing selling, payment collecting, and record saving, etc.. 

Goodcom Handheld Mobile Recharge Airtime Top Up Machine

Handheld Pos Mobile Recharge Machine Airtime Top Up USSD Printer

The Handheld 3G GPRS SMS Pos Printer has been widely used for airtime top up mobile recharge applications. Except for 3G, GPRS, or SMS connection modes, if the sim card inserted to the pos comes with USSD/STK function, the printer can be used for airtime top up mobile recharge via USSD or STK connectivity. 

Goodcom Bus Ticket Printer

WiFi GPRS SMS Bus Ticket Printer Online and Off Line Ticketing Software

Goodcom WiFi GPRS SMS Printer GT5000SW is a standalone device for bus ticketing systems. It is supposed to communicate with web server via WiFi/GPRS/SMS for online data transfer, and print out the bus ticket in the end. Software customization provided for both online and off line solutions


Car Parking Ticket Vending Machine Offline & GPRS Online Management

Goodcom CAR PARKING TICKET VENDING Machine GT5000S can be perfectly used for car parking business. It supports both offline and online mode for ticket issuing and printing. Multiple functions including ticketing, payment, and recording. 

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Electronic Lottery Vending SMS GPRS USSD Ticket Printing Machine

The electronic lottery machine GT5000S supports GSM, SMS, GPRS, USSD, STK connection mode. With customized work flow, user can select lottery type, play the number, input the amount, print the ticket, etc..

Goodcom Mobile Airtime Top Up Handheld Android Pos Machine

Handheld Android Pos Terminal Manufacture Mobile Airtime Top Up Machine

Goodcom Handheld Android Pos Terminal comes with 5 inch touch screen, 5.1 android os, WiFi, 4G, 3G, GPRS, SMS and bluetooth connectivity. With free SDK and customization, it could be widely used for multiple applications: restaurant online ordering and food delivery, lottery sale, mobile bill payment, bus ticketing, car parking, etc..

Goodcom Bus Ticket Printing Machine

Small Bus Ticket Printing Machine Wireless Ticketing System for Transportation

Goodcom WiFi 3G GPRS SMS Printer GT6000GW is a Small, Wireless Electronic Ticket Printing Machine for Bus Ticketing System. The work Flow could be customized for bus ticket selling, bus ticket printing, bus ticket reservation, bus ticket recording, etc. 

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