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Choose a Smart Way to Receive Online Food Orders

October 20,2017.

Do you still receive online orders by receiving call? Is it a headache if the name of the food is written incorrectly or any mistakes in the delivery address which leads to complaints from the customers?

Well, the Wi-Fi / LAN / 3G / GPRS / SMS printers can help u, which I do believe can improve the efficiency. The printers can even help for the restaurant or kitchen to tell the customers the status of the order (whether the order is accepted or rejected) and also tell expected delivery time or the reasons why the order is rejected.

Goodcom GT5000S Wireless GPRS SMS Printer for Restaurant Online Food Ordering

If Wi-Fi signal in the restaurants are not that stable, the SIM card can be used as a backup. If Wifi drops, WIFI GPRS Printer can be connected with GPRS automatically, which will prevent printers from missing any orders from customers.

If 2G is stopped, 3G Printer or WIFI 3G Printer is also options for you.

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